"Muskoka's Topography"

A contemporary, abstract painting featuring rich shades of dark green, light metallic green, deep blue, sky blue, iridescent blue-green and white with hints of metallic gold. Done on a gallery stretched canvas, and finished with three coats of a glossy, archival, UV resistant varnish 

30 x 40 inches (76 cm x 91 cm)
$ 1,200 CAD 


Topographical Map Grey Stucco.jpg
This painting was inspired by a family friend who is a Professor of Earth Sciences (specializing in Geology). He wanted a large, striking acrylic artwork that depicted a topographical map of the Muskoka's in an abstract, modern style. Straightforward, right? 

We learned that a topographic map shows man-made and natural features on the ground. In the Muskoka's in Southern Ontario, that includes large swaths of forest, rocky hills, lakes and rivers. Given that Wendy's methods are based in the liquid arts (also called flow arts), this was a difficult undertaking. We used a lot of paint, but made careful calculations about the volumes needed to avoid wasting acrylic paint or mediums. Wendy mixed various custom mediums to ensure the correct amount of viscosity and flow, without cells. This painting relied heavily on gravity to create it's details - a three-person job given the size of the canvas. This particular artwork has gorgeous sides as well (so it can be displayed unframed or framed).

In the end, we created three paintings that simulated topographic maps! 

This original contemporary artwork is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece. Given the techniques and materials Wendy uses to create her fluid artwork, it's impossible to recreate any specific piece. We don't sell prints. All of our pieces are provided signed, ready-to-hang, with a certificate of authenticity provided.
No photograph could do this painting justice. The details and patterns that emerged - through careful manipulation, gravity and organically - are very special, striking.