Steve Mataija is a Toronto-based contractor and artisan. His firm, Steve's Jobs, specializes in small to mid-scale renovations and redecorating projects. Steve is a specialist in carpentry, tiling and decorative paint finishes (murals, frescoes, venetian plasters and various paint effects). 

Steve's work in the construction industry began when he was completing his post-secondary education in the 1990s. He worked with a general contractor for six years learning everything from laying brick and stone to tiling, flooring, painting, plumbing and installation projects (e.g., kitchens, bathrooms, basement renos). He found that he had a particular affinity for "up cycling" furniture and decorative paint finishes. He continued to upgrade  his skills, working for clients on a part-time basis. He soon found he had a full-time business! Villa Norse Artistry is the company through which he undertakes the art and furniture-related projects. 

Wendy Mataija is an abstract, nature-focused, liquid artist. As a disabled artist, Wendy is particularly drawn to art as a form of therapy. Wendy describes her art as an invitation to contemplate our relationship with nature, and our selves. 

Wendy typically works in acrylics, metallic pigments, mica powders and resins using non-traditional techniques that are themselves closely connected with nature - water, wind, fire and gravity - to create the unique and vibrant effects that typify her work. She is attracted to the aesthetics, methods and experimentation of liquid art. Wendy notes that she can carefully study and influence pigment behaviors, energy and movement, but spontaneous reactions in liquid art ultimately triumph! Fundamentally, this mirrors our relationship with nature. 

Wendy finds her work with wood panels to be therapeutic. The connection between her artistic techniques and the natural panels (often created by Steve) feels primordial, earthy. She works flat, often working exclusively with palette knives and liquid techniques. At other times, she uses her breath to form a more visceral, primary connection with the substrate (wood or canvas). Wendy's paintings always feature metallics to add richness and warmth, like the sun. She also uses resin to enhance the colors of her paintings, but also because it has a reflective quality representing the purity and cleansing of water, drawing the viewer further into her work. For Wendy, painting is an intimate, quiet, deeply intuitive process.

Wendy draws inspiration from her time spent in nature in reflection and contemplation. She is deeply moved by the healing, introspective and reflective nature of creating art. Taking a walk in nature or sitting near water nurtures her creative spark, and provides opportunities for calmness. Her goal in presenting her art is to help others to find a sense of calmness, but also, to consider our own place within nature. 

The art featured on this website comprise unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. While it's impossible to recreate each piece, Steve welcomes and celebrates commissions for similar pieces using custom colors.

Through their "Art for a Good Cause" initiative, Steve and Wendy generously donate proceeds from sales of their work to charities that help people or rescued dogs. 

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