My name is Wendy Mataija and I'm an abstract artist, working primarily in acrylics, resin and mixed mediums. I like to divide my time between my studios in Toronto and Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. 

I've always loved all forms of contemporary art including visual arts, theatre and dance. My current focus is on abstract, nature-focused liquid art done on canvas or wood panels. I use a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods that are themselves closely connected with nature - water, wind, air and gravity - to achieve the unique, colorful and gentle effects that are typical of my work. I usually work in acrylics, metallic pigments, mica powders, resins and other mixed mediums. I also do murals and venetian plasters using more traditional methods, tools and substrates, and have worked on numerous installations in homes in the Toronto area.  

When I work with wood panels, I will often stain the wood or leave it natural. The connection between my artistic techniques, and the natural panels, feels primordial, earthy. I work flat, often working exclusively with palette knives and liquid techniques. At other times, I use my hands and breath to form a more visceral, primary connection with the board or canvas. My paintings always feature gold, silver, bronze or copper metallics to add richness and warmth, like the sun. I use resin to enhance the colors of my paintings, but also because it has a reflective quality representing the purity and cleansing of water, drawing the viewer further into my work. For me, painting is an intimate, quiet, deeply intuitive process. And "mistakes" are always happy accidents that surprise me! 

I draw inspiration from my time spent in nature in reflection, contemplation and revelry. I am deeply moved by the healing, introspective and reflective nature of both viewing artwork on display and in creating your own art. Finding calm, quiet moments feels essential for our physical and mental health in the digital age. Taking a walk in nature or sitting near water nurtures my creative spark, and has inspired joy, personal growth and healing. My goal in presenting my art is to help others to find a sense of calmness, but also, to consider our own place within nature. 

The art featured on this website comprise unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. While it's impossible to recreate each piece, all commissions for similar pieces using custom colors are welcomed, appreciated and celebrated.

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