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SOLD - The Gift Deco Mini
  • SOLD - The Gift Deco Mini


    Our Deco Minis are small, original, abstract liquid paintings designed to bring color and joy into your life. Each one-of-a-kind artwork measures 6x6x2 inches, and has been painted on a Baltic Birch wood panel. Unique to Wendy, these paintings have been finished with resin, giving them a reflective, glass-like feel. The sides or painted or stained to complement the color of each piece or to bring up the wood grain for some contrast. 


    These little jewels can be framed, grouped in collections or displayed upright. 


    This piece is available through Arta Gallery


    Care: We use an archival, UV resistant resin designed to be non-yellowing. Resin is very easy to maintain - dust the piece from time-to-time, or wipe with a soft cloth and a bit of window cleaner. 

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