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"Flowers by the Stream"

A happy, contemporary, acrylic abstract painting featuring Prussian blue, sky blue, white, copper and gold. Done on a gallery stretched canvas and finished with three coats of an archival, UV resistant, high gloss varnish. 
24 x 24 inches (61 cm x 61 cm)
$ 600 Canadian

This colour combination is one of our favourites. Rich shades of blue highlighted by the subtle, unexpected hints of metallic copper and gold. This fluid artwork features a phenomenon that organically or strategically arises in liquid art: cells. The bubbling quality of those details really adds to the overall feeling of this contemporary artwork. 

Wendy's process here involved using gravity, wind and breath to create the work. This method results in a flowing, gentle quality. Indeed, this painting could be described as "gentle". 
FBST Living Room.jpg
It's impossible to recreate any of our paintings given the mediums and techniques that are used. We don't sell prints. All of our pieces are shipped or delivered signed, ready-to-hang, with a certificate of authenticity provided. ​
Home_office_with_large_tropical_plant (2
Flowers by the Stream Room.jpg
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