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"A Canopy of Cerulean Skies"

A contemporary, abstract, acrylic painting with stunning colour and form with memorable twists and turns. Rich shades of light grey, black, white and metallic silver on a vibrant background of cerulean blue.

Done on canvas and finished with three coats of an archival, professional, UV resistant varnish.   

24 x 30 inches (61 cm x 76 cm)
$ 600 Canadian

We draw inspiration from our time spent in nature, in deep contemplation and reflection. This particular abstract painting reflects time spent near the water, gazing at the cerulean blue skies with fluffy white and grey clouds dancing across it. The painting has a gentle calming feel, but some lovely movement also. A study in contrasts! 
A Canopy of Cerulean Skies Living Room.j
To interpret clouds moving across the sky, the details in this fluid artwork have lots of "twists and turns". Just when you feel that you are one with the painting, it takes you off in a different direction - like the sky. Yet, there is a gentle, calm quality about the overall piece. 

The mixing of custom, acrylic paints (the background is actually three shades of blue) was also an absorbing, methodical process. We considers her studio to be a therapeutic, "liquid art lab", and that is certainly the story that accompanies this fluid painting! When notes that when she begins to paint, she is completely absorbed in the process of executing the painting. However, here, she was totally immersed, in a special, calm place, during the entire process. Wendy notes, "this is a rare, special experience for me which I hope comes across in the piece". 

The mediums used in this piece were specifically designed to be highly viscous thereby facilitating manipulation and "painting" with wind and breath. Wendy felt that was apt given the windy day that inspired this artwork. The mediums used are unique, but so is the overall technique. A methodological conversation starter. 

This original artwork is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece. It's impossible to recreate any of our paintings given the mediums and techniques that are used. We don't sell prints. All of our pieces are shipped or delivered signed, ready-to-hang, with a certificate of authenticity provided. Delivery and installation services are also available in the Greater Toronto Area (safe, secure curbside pickup too). 
Canopy of Cerulean Skies Office Room.jpg
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