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"Flowing with Vibrant Life"

A large, contemporary, abstract acrylic painting featuring a cerulean blue background with rich shades of yellow, red, orange, green and gold woven together. Painted on a gallery stretched canvas, and finished with three coats of a glossy, archival, UV resistant varnish 

30 x 30 inches (76 x 102 cm)
$ 900 Canadian


The composition of this piece is vibrant and lively - flowing with life. The shapes and form tells a dramatic story but the fusion of colours is what really makes this piece stand out. 

The detail and textures gives this contemporary artwork piece a lot to look at, to contemplate. The energy that cascades through the colours is unapologetic. 

Cells disappear and reappear - like the building blocks of life. A highlight is the contrast between the cerulean blue and the jewel tones in red, orange and yellow. Small gestures of green were created through the combination of liquid colors. 

The process used to paint the artwork is unique, relying on non-traditional methods including wind, fire, gravity and my breath. To achieve the gentle effects and detail of this liquid artwork, Wendy mixes her own mediums using special combinations of various additives. The mediums encourage the patterns that spontaneously appear within fluid art. 

This original fluid artwork is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece. Given the techniques and materials I use to create my works, it's impossible to recreate any specific piece, and we don't sell prints. All of our abstract paintings are sold signed, ready-to-hang, with a certificate of authenticity provided. ​
Flowing with Vibrant Love Living
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