"Aurora Borealis 3"

A contemporary, abstract acrylic painting featuring rich, saturated shades of metallic green, blue, silver and grey. Liquid art done on a Baltic Birch panel, finished with a reflective coat of UV resistant resin.

24 x 30 inches (61 cm x 76 cm)

$ 900 Canadian

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An extremely unique, contemporary, liquid and resin art landscape painting. Without any hyperbole, we can confirm that this is one of our most technically difficult fluid paintings to date! A real statement piece based on Wendy's interpretation of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. 
The process used to paint the Northern Lights component of this liquid artwork is unique, relying on non-traditional methods including wind, fire, gravity and my breath. To achieve the gentle effects and detail found in this abstract artwork, Wendy mixes her own mediums using special combinations of various additives. This painting required a fairly thick paint that still had the ability to flow and take on various effects. The mediums used and the bright metallic acrylic paints and mica pigments really encourage the painting to "pop" without dominating a space. The landscape pieces were painted using acrylic paints and more traditional tools (brushes and palette knives). 

We are frequently asked about resin. Is it archival, will it turn yellow, will my children be able to enjoy it years down the road? We use an archival, UV resistant resin that is specifically formulated for art. Resin paintings that feature a lot of titanium white (which contains titanium dioxide) could yellow over time if they are exposed to high levels of sunlight. This painting will not yellow as it contains very little white. Resin artworks have a beautiful, modern, reflective feeling - further amplifying by the water scene depicted in this original artwork. Resin is also very easy to maintain (much easier than oil paints). It can be dusted periodically, or wiped with a window cleaner and soft cloth. 

This original fluid artwork is one-of-a-kind. Given the techniques and materials Wendy uses to create her abstract liquid paintings, it's impossible to recreate any specific piece. We don't sell prints. All of our fine art is provided signed, ready-to-hang, with a certificate of authenticity provided. We happily provide delivery and installation services in the Greater Toronto Area (see our shipping pages for information on worldwide shipping).
No photograph could do this painting justice. The detail, movement, vibrant colors and flow is really special. Resin can be difficult to photograph; the reflective quality is like gazing into water. It amplifies the colors and mica pigments.  It really needs to be seen in person!
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Aurora Borealis Close 2.jpg